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The Full Story


Donovan's Bar and Grill is a place where one can mingle, relax
and visit with friends or family. We have a very welcoming
ambiance, with many products at excellent prices. When you
think of Great drinks, food, hookahs, Cigars, a pleasant
atmosphere, and a liquor store, think of Donovan's bar and Grill,
which can hold many guest between our bar area and Liquor
store area.



Donovan's Bar and Grill's Passion is to serve the
community. Ensure that each guest receives
professional, prompt, friendly, and courteous

service. To maintain clean, comfortable, and well-
maintained premises for our guests and staff. To

provide well-prepared meals and drinks using only
high ingredients. Ensure that all guests and staff
are treated with the respect and dignity they
deserve. We want to guarantee our guests the
utmost satisfaction by watching their favorite
sports team playing while enjoying their favorite
meals and drinks.


Our Vision is to be the best sports bar
in town. We intend to be a place where
people can quench their thirst with
their favorite drink, get their ideal
bottle, play pool, enjoy great meals,
and socialize about many things,
including their favorite sports, while
watching it on TV. Our goal is to create
a memorable experience so that when
one goes home, they spread the word
on how they can't wait to return.

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